Pump Station Pale

The Pump Station Pale Ale is our American style pale ale. Brewed to be light in body but full in flavor. Brewed exclusively with New York grown and pale malted barley and wet-hopped Cascades grown right here in Albany county this beer is light bodied and has a super fresh hop character. Big hop character still dominates but with a softer and grassier element. 5.0 ABV


The nose is heavy with American hops that smell like citrus and pine. The wet-hopping leaves a bright grassiness on top of the citrusy and resiny Amarillo and Citra.

Pouring a golden straw with a tight white head that leaves a nice soft lacing down the glass

Our light-bodied pale ale has a light mouthfeel and body and a very dry finish.

The pale is dominated by hop flavor with minimal malt support. Slight melon and pine from the Cascades are backed up with citrus and resin from the other varieties and finishes ever so slightly peppery and dry.


O.G. 1.050 (12.5 P)

A.E. 1.011 (2.7 P)

ABV 5.0

CALORIES 220 (per pint)

BU 38


MALT NYS Pale, Munich, Carafoam

HOPS NYS Cascade, Horizon, CTZ, Amarillo, Citra

YEAST WLP001 (American Ale Yeast)