Kick-Ass Brown

A uniquely American style, this hoppy brown ale has thrice been awarded the Great American Beer Festival Gold Medal as the best in its class! American hops dominate the nose and palate of this mahagony-colored brew, but the malt flavors come through nicely, especially as it warms. Very clean at the finish due to our clean fermenting American ale yeast and skillful hopping. 5.6%

In the 18th century, British brown ales were brewed to a variety of strengths, with gravities ranging from around 1.060º to 1.090º. These beers died out around 1800 as brewers moved away from using brown malt as a base. Pale malt, being cheaper because of its higher yield, was used as a base for all beers, including Porter and Stout.
The term “brown ale” was revived at the end of the 19th century when London brewer Mann introduced a beer with that name. However, the style only became widely-brewed in the 1920s. The brown ales of this period were considerably stronger than most modern English versions. In 1926, Manns Brown Ale had a gravity of 1.043º and an ABV of around 4%. Whitbread Double Brown was even stronger, 1.054º and more than 5% ABV. The introduction of these beers coincided with a big increase in demand for bottled beer in the UK.

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