Evans Wit

This is our delightfully refreshing Belgian-Style Wheat beer, the most famous of this style being Hoegaarden. We brew this beer using a bunch of malted wheat, as well as unmalted wheat which results in a more straw-like appearance than a German Style wheat beer. The subtle additions of coriander, sweet orange peel and grains of paradise at the end of the boil add slight hints of spice, pepper and citrus which pairs well with the spicy and fruity flavors produced by our house Belgian yeast strain. 4.9 ABV


The nose is subtly citrusy and spicy with hints of pepper and coriander.

The beer pours a hazy straw color with a tight, bright white head of foam which leaves a nice lacing down the glass.

This is a very light bodied beer, with a bright, light mouthfeel. The light body and subtle spicing result in a brew that very clean and refreshing.

The flavor is subtle with hints of pepper, coriander and orange peel. The yeast produces slight spiciness while the wheat adds just a subtle sweetness. No overpowering flavors here, just smooth, subtle and delicious.


O.G. 1.050 (12.5 P)

A.E. 1.012 (2.9 P)

ABV 4.9

CALORIES 220 (per pint)

BU 9

SRM 2.9

MALT Pilsner, Wheat, Unmalted Wheat

HOPS Cascade, Sweet Orange Peel, Coriander, Grains of Paradise

YEAST WLP550 (Belgian Ale Yeast)