Capitol Light

Our American-Style Pilsner is head and shoulders above all other American Pils. Brewed with Pilsner malt and a touch of corn, decently hopped with German Select and Czech-Saaz hops this beer brings together the best of both American and Czech-style Pilsner. This very light colored beer still has some good, hoppy pilsner flavor. 3.9 ABV


The nose is a bit spicy and grassy from the late additions of Saaz hops with a slight grainy aroma from the use of Pilsner malt.

The beer pours a very light golden-yellow color with a white head that dissipates quickly. This lager appears lively and leaves a slight lacing down the glass.

Light in body and bright in mouthfeel this is a true craft light lager. Finishes clean with a subtle aftertaste of fresh hay.

Light in flavor this beer at first tastes slightly grainy. The Continental hops provide a good bitter balance to the minimal malt presence with a big of grassy/floral nose on the front end and a light clean finish.


O.G. 1.044 (10.0 P)

A.E. 1.008 (1.9 P)

ABV 3.9

CALORIES 193 (per pint)

BU 24


MALT Bohemian Pilsner, Munich, Corn

HOPS Cascade, Saaz, German Select

YEAST W34-70 (German Lager Yeast)