Cask Ale

Cask Conditioning is the traditional method for serving ales. Our casks are 40 liter stainless steel firkins. Each cask is hand filled with fully fermented beer and a small amount of fresh, fermenting beer and sealed with a bung and keystone. The fermenting beer is added to the cask to naturally carbonate or ‘condition’ the beer. Once conditioned we tap our casks and serve them through our traditional English Beer Engine. An ever changing variety of Cask Conditioned beer will be tapped on Thursdays and served throughout each weekend.

June 02: Hazy Days of Summer – Our Hefe is hopped up with beautiful new German varietals imparting a bright citrus aroma that pairs great with the fresh and subtle banana notes. 5.6%

June 09: Hey! Who are YOU calling FUGGLY?! - Our Fuggles dry-hopped Kick-Ass Brown returns to the beer engine for a subtle floral and super delightful addition to our standard bearing brown ale. 5.6%

June 16: Chocolate Milkshake - This low abv stout has a rich flavor of chocolate and vanilla with a smooth, rich mouthfeel and soft finish. 4.2%

June 23: I Dream of Coconut Cream Ale – This light-bodied cream ale is conditioned with fresh vanilla beans and toasted coconut. 4.9%

June 30: Lemon Heads and Friends – Our refreshingly light and tart kettle sour is hopped with Mandarina Bavaria hops and aged on fresh strawberries. 5.6%