Handsome GuyPA

This handsomely unique East Coast IPA is nothing like you’ve tried before. Tropical fruit and hints of pine will dominate this beer with very minimal bitterness. Brewed with Amarillo for light bitterness and dry hopped with more Amarillo. Wholly conceived, brewed and tapped by Handsome Guy himself. 7.3%


The aroma is dominated by with grapefruit zest and a touch of pine.

This beer pours a beautiful light hazy straw with a luscious white head which leaves a fantastic lacing down the glass.

This is a light-bodied brew that’s exceptionally ‘refreshing.’ The light body, minimal bitterness and crisp finish result in a brew that’s decidedly easy to drink.

The big hop aroma persists throughout the beer with up front notes of fruit, notably grapefruit, a somewhat resinous, bright hoppy flavor. Minimal bitterness and malt sweetness result in a big hop showcase.


O.G. 1.069 (17.2 P)

A.E. 1.012 (2.9 P)

ABV 7.3

CALORIES 299 (per pint)

BU 27


MALT Pilsner, Pale, Munich

HOPS Amarillo

YEAST WLP001 (American Ale Yeast)