Tasting Panel (Mug Club)

Mug Club Offer

CH Evans Tasting Panel Application

JOIN THE CH EVANS BREWING MUG CLUB! The Tasting Panel or Mug Club returns to C.H. Evans Brewing Co. with all sorts of deals for members, including:

  • C.H. Evans Brewing Co Tasting Panel Glass for at the bar (20oz)
  • C.H. Evans Brewing Co Tasting Panel Glass for home
  • Tasting Panel T-shirt
  • 20% off beer at the restaurant
  • 15% off food at the restaurant
  • First crack at tickets for beer dinners, bus trips, limited release bottle reservations and any other beer related events
  • % Off all events and bus trips
  • Tasting Panel Member Appreciation Dinner

All we need is your name, contact information and $55 for a years worth of wonderful benefits. Ask your bartender or server next time you are in!

Caitlin Erle