This is as local as it gets! All the barley and hops we used in this beer are grown right here in Albany County at Indian Ladder Farms and Helderberg Hop Farms. Just down the road from us in Altamont (generally more famous for their cider doughnuts and pick-your-own than hops and barely) Indian Ladder Farms has been growing NY brewing ingredients for a few years now and we finally have the opportunity to brew a truly local beer. With everything grown, processed and brewed in New York, this is a first time for us for a truly in-state beer. An extra pale ale that’s super fragrant from the Newdale barley as well as the copious amounts of Nugget, Brewers Gold and Helderberg hops this beer also has nice hoppy bite and a dry finish. Cheers! 5.0%

To the best of our knowledge this is the first production scale batch of ‘Estate Beer’ since prohibition! Everything in this beauty was grown and brewed in Albany County. Indian Ladder Farms grew all the barley (malted in NYS) as well as all the hops. We brewed it using our house ale yeast and water from the best municipal water supply in the state! A truly unique IPA with a perfumey nose, bitter hoppy bite and crisp, dry finish. 5.0%


Available in 16 oz and 10 oz

The nose is dominated by floral, almost perfume-like notes from the malt with a bit of spiciness and pineapple from the late hop additions.

Pouring a very light straw-like color with a tight white head. Hazy and almost ‘extra’-pale ale.

This is very light bodied and crisp. The low alcohol and high attenuation of the yeast paired with heavy late hop additions make this beer highly sessionable.

The perfume nose gives way to a complex hoppy rollercoaster ride of flavor. Starting out with a slightly sweet malt flavor, the spicy Brewers Gold and resiny Nugget take over the palate until it finishes dry and crisp.


O.G. 1.050 (12.5 P)

A.E. 1.011 (2.7 P)

ABV 5.0

CALORIES 220 (per pint)

BU 48

SRM 3.2

MALT: Indian Ladder Farms Pale Malted Newdale Barley

HOPS: Brewers Gold, Nugget, Centennial, Helderberg