Union Station Quad

“Best Beer in NY” TAP-NY Governor’s Cup Winner 2016

The third installment of the Belgian Quads for 2015 we changed up our fruit again and added heaps of red currant after our primary fermentation. The result is a rich, fruity and very complex Belgian. All sorts of flavor components from the Belgian yeast, to the red current to the alcohol produce a big beer with deep flavor. 12.2%


The nose is big with a mix of raisins, currant and note of passion fruit from the yeast.

This beer pours a beautiful deep red, almost purple with a thin, tight, white head. Very hazy from all the fruit pectin and protein from the grain, but not quite opaque.

Our quad is a bigger-bodied beer due to the copious amounts of grain and fruit we used in addition to all the residual sugar. Fruity notes and lingering sweetness make this brew feel quite large.

The flavor is crazy big. It’s packed with rich fruit flavors. From the residual sweet/tart currant, to the stone-fruit flavors from the amount of malt, to the subtle tropical fruit and spice notes from the yeast this beer has got flavor abound!


O.G. 1.103 (25.6 P)

A.E. 1.019 (4.1 P)

ABV 12.2

CALORIES 357 (per 12 oz)

BU 32

SRM 22

MALT Pilsner, CaraMunich, Crystal, Roasted

HOPS Cascade

YEAST WLP550 (Belgian Ale Yeast)