Belgian Pale Ale

Our Belgo-American IPA is brewed with a super bright and aromatic hop blend. Pungent hops and fruity yeast esters dominate the front of the nose. The balance of piney and fruity hops with our spicy house yeast produce a wonderful IPA experience. 6.0%


The nose is dominated by resiny and citrusy hop aromas with notes of green pepper from the heavy amounts of dry hopping. A bit of the spicy/earthy phenols of the yeast poke through.

This beer pours a hazy light burnt orange with a thick, white head that retains quite well throughout.

A medium bodied beer that finishes crisp and dry due to all the late additions of hops. The subtle addition of dextrin malts in the mash provide a bit of smooth mouthfeel.

The big hoppy aroma gives way to a hop-forward, but very Belgian Pale Ale. The wonderful array of hop flavors balance superbly well with the spicy house Belgian yeast we use.


O.G. 1.057 (14.2 P)

A.E. 1.011 (2.8 P)

ABV 6.0

BU 34


CALORIES 250 per pint

MALT Pilsner, Pale, Munich

HOPS Equinox, Citra, Centennial

YEAST WLP550 (Belgian Ale Yeast)