Albany Ale

This most recent incarnation of the Albany Ale is based on an Albany Ale recipe from the early 19th century (think 1830s). Our version differs slightly from the original in that the malt we use is of a better quality (and therefore higher potential sugar) and the yeast we use is more attenuative (meaning ferments […]


This is the first beer of the year that we’re brewing in conjunction with Ales for ALS, and it also happens to be the first in a series of single hop American style IPAs. This beer is brewed to be light in body and color and to showcase the hop, or in this case hop […]

Bavarian Style Hefeweizen

Our Bavarian-Style Hefeweizen is brewed with a substantial amount of pale German malted wheat and a select German Hefeweizen yeast strain. The combination of the wheat malt and a low mashing temperature when fermented by our specialty yeast produces a beer with a big banana aroma with a hint of clove. These are the esters […]

BdG (Bottle)

Bière de Garde is a French farmhouse style ale traditionally brewed in French Wallonia. Bière de Garde is an ale typically brewed in the late winter to early spring and then cellared or ‘garded’ for a number of months for consumption in the warmer weather. We brewed this batch in March of 2013, conditioned it […]

Belgian Pale Ale

Our Belgo-American IPA is brewed with a super bright and aromatic hop blend. Pungent hops and fruity yeast esters dominate the front of the nose. The balance of piney and fruity hops with our spicy house yeast produce a wonderful IPA experience. 6.0% Notes: The nose is dominated by resiny and citrusy hop aromas with […]