Belgian Pale Ale

Our Belgo-American IPA is brewed with a super bright and aromatic hop blend. Pungent hops and fruity yeast esters dominate the front of the nose. The balance of piney and fruity hops with our spicy house yeast produce a wonderful IPA experience. 6.0% Notes: The nose is dominated by resiny and citrusy hop aromas with […]

Belgian Strong Ale

Our Belgian Strong Ale, aka Tripel, is brewed with a substantial amount of European pilsner malt and just a touch of wheat to add to the mouthfeel. A heavy dose of raw sugar late in the boil ups the alcohol and lightens the body, while our house Belgian yeast ferments with a ton of fruity […]

Capitol Light

A modern pilsner has a very light, clear color from pale to golden yellow and a distinct hop aroma and flavor. Czech pilsners tend toward a lighter flavor.

Cask Ale

An ever changing variety of Cask Conditioned beer will be tapped on Fridays and served throughout each weekend. Ask your server for what is available this week.

Dawns Dry Stout

A CH Evans Brewing take on a classic Irish ale style. Name for our lovely bar manager Dawn, this beer is packed with malt character due to the heavy use of chocolate and roasted malts along with the subtle additions of caramel malts. While slightly sweeter than a typical Irish Dry Stout this brew drinks […]