*BOTTLES – Imperial American Rye IPA

 Our first batch of Imperial IPA of the year (January 2015) was aged in fresh-emptied rye barrels from our friends at Albany Distilling Co for 8 months and then lovingly blended back with fresh IPA and dry-hopped again before bottling. Allowed to condition for an additional 6 weeks in the bottle this beer provides a […]

*BOTTLES – Poor Soldier Porter

Our first batch of Poor Soldier Porter of the year (May 2015) was aged in fresh-emptied rum barrels from our friends at Albany Distilling Co (June 2015). Our robust porter spent 6 months soaking up delicious notes of rum, oak, vanilla and chocolate. We blended it back with fresh brewed Poor Soldier Porter, conditioned it […]

*BOTTLES – Triple Barrel English Strong Ale

Brewed way back in December of 2013, we filled up fresh emptied rum, rye and bourbon barrels (all from Albany Distilling Co) in January of 2014, allowed the beer to age for 10 months and then blended all the barrels back together and bottled it in November of 2014. We’ve been sitting on this beer […]

10,000 Scovilles

10,000 Scovilles is our habanero pale ale. A prototypical American style pale ale dry-hopped with fruity American hops and conditioned with locally grown habanero peppers. A bright hoppy and pepper nose gives way to a fresh flavored beer. The habanero adds more than aroma though. A pleasant pepper heat sneaks up quickly and leaves a […]


This is the first beer of the year that we’re brewing in conjunction with Ales for ALS, and it also happens to be the first in a series of single hop American style IPAs. This beer is brewed to be light in body and color and to showcase the hop, or in this case hop […]