Belgian Pale Ale

Our Belgian Pale ale is brewed with our select house yeast and a wonderful blend of North American hops and continental malt. We started the fermentation of this brew cold to accentuate the spicy phenols, and allowed the temperature to free rise throughout fermentation to capture the fruity esters produced by the yeast. Dry-hopped with [...]

Irish Cream Ale

We connected our new nitrogen beer lines up just in time for our Irish Cream Ale to hit the taps and quench the thirst of parade goers! This soft and velvety smooth Irish Cream Ale is brewed with a kiss of Irish red malt and a pinch of oats giving this brew a beautiful rich [...]

Imperial American RyePA

Our wonderfully flavorful Imperial American IPA was lovingly aged in Albany Distilling Company rye barrels for 3 months before being blended with fresh IPA packaged up. As soon as the distillers emptied their first batch of rye from the barrels they were carted over here and immediately filled. The nose is big with rye and [...]

Winter Warmer

We brewed our Winter Warmer in the style of a traditional British Strong Ale. Malt forward, lightly hopped and with a touch of alcohol warmth this brew goes down real easy and keeps the bitter cold at bay. Unlike lesser winter warmers that need to hide behind spices and fruit this brew doesn’t need any [...]

India Pale Lager

The latest installment for hop heads is here! This big body, high octane hoppy lager will turn your world around! Hop heads and lager heads can finally share some beers together as this brew nails it. A malty and full-bodied lager at 7.5%, with big additions of American hops throughout and a healthy dose of [...]

Tasting Panel

Officially re-launching for 2014! The Tasting Panel returns to CH Evans with all sorts of deals for members, including: CH Evans Brewing Co Tasting Panel Glass for at the bar (500ml) CH Evans Brewing Co Tasting Panel Glass for home Tasting Panel T-shirt 20% off beer at the restaurant First crack at tickets for beer [...]

Irish Red Ale

This is an Irish Red style ale brewed to be full of flavor with assertive but balanced hopping and is sure to appeal to drinkers across the political spectrum. The substantial amount of continental and American malts blended with a healthy dose of Cascade hops give this beer a wonderful balance between the rich and smooth malt flavor [...]


This German-style Black Lager is light in alcohol but full in flavor. Pouring a deep brown, almost black, this fine lager has a subtle malty aroma and a smooth malt flavor. Brewed with only the finest German malts and hops, including special roasted and ‘de-husked’ malt that gives this Schwartzbier its rich color but without [...]

Simple Belgian

Our Simple Belgian is another delightful session offering to our line-up. Brewed with our select Belgian house yeast, rich malts and continental hops this brew is bursting with upfront fruity aromas, but drinks smooth and light-bodied with a subtly spicy finish. Cheers! 4.9 abv


With the early days of Autumn well behind us, but the thirst for a malty lager still strong as ever we bring you… NOVEMBERFEST! A beefier brew than the early fall Oktoberfest, this maerzen-style lager is packed with caramel and Munich malts and brewed with fresh-pressed Northern Spy apples and fresh pressed sweet apple cider [...]