Bavarian Style Hefeweizen

Our Bavarian-Style Hefeweizen is brewed with a substantial amount of pale German malted wheat and a select German Hefeweizen yeast strain. The combination of the wheat malt and a low mashing temperature when fermented by our specialty yeast produces a beer with a big banana aroma with a hint of clove. These are the esters […]

BdG (Bottle)

Bière de Garde is a French farmhouse style ale traditionally brewed in French Wallonia. Bière de Garde is an ale typically brewed in the late winter to early spring and then cellared or ‘garded’ for a number of months for consumption in the warmer weather. We brewed this batch in March of 2013, conditioned it […]

Belgian Pale Ale

Our Belgian-Style Pale Ale is a style that spans the globe. Brewed with our select house Belgian yeast, pale continental Pilsner Malts and heavy additions of American, Continental and N.Z. hops. This is a crossover style between a traditional Belgian Pale ale and an American Pale Ale. The balance between European malt and yeast selection […]

Belgian Strong Ale

Our Belgian Strong Ale, aka Tripel, is brewed with a substantial amount of European pilsner malt and just a touch of wheat to add to the mouthfeel. A heavy dose of raw sugar late in the boil ups the alcohol and lightens the body, while our house Belgian yeast ferments with a ton of fruity […]

Capitol Light

A modern pilsner has a very light, clear color from pale to golden yellow and a distinct hop aroma and flavor. Czech pilsners tend toward a lighter flavor.