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*BOTTLES – Imperial American Rye IPA

 Our first batch of Imperial IPA of the year (January 2015) was aged in fresh-emptied rye barrels from our friends at Albany Distilling Co for 8 months and then lovingly blended back with fresh IPA and dry-hopped again before bottling. Allowed to condition for an additional 6 weeks in the bottle this beer provides a truly unique IPA experience. 9.7%

With only 1200 hand numbered bottles available be sure to get some while it’s still available.

($13.00 + tax 500ml Bottle) $70.20 per ½ case (6 bottles) (10% discount)

Upfront the nose is subtly hoppy with support of oak and vanilla from the rye barrels and a bit of black pepper on the back end.

With moderate carbonation and a sizeable amount of rye this beer pours a beautiful deep copper color with a tight head and thick, almost syrupy appearance, though not cloudy.

Due to the use of rye even in this light bodied beer there’s a bit of rich mouthfeel and a clean, slightly bitter finish.

The nose gives way to a rich and complex flavor beginning with notes of vanilla and oak from the barrel. The additional dry-hopping with Bravo provides hoppy hints of lemon-lime while the use of rye and substantial early hopping provide a slightly peppery-bitter clean finish.


O.G. 1.078 (19.5 P)

A.E. 1.009 (2.5 P)

ABV 9.7

CALORIES 256 (per 375ml glass)

BU 76


MALT Pale, Munich, Rye

HOPS Citra, Amarillo, Bravo

YEAST WLP001 (American Ale Yeast)

Storage: This beer should be stored upright in a cool, dark place, such as a cellar or cool closet. With proper care this beer should age well, although the hop character is best while it’s fresh.

*BOTTLES – Poor Soldier Porter

Our first batch of Poor Soldier Porter of the year (May 2015) was aged in fresh-emptied rum barrels from our friends at Albany Distilling Co (June 2015). Our robust porter spent 6 months soaking up delicious notes of rum, oak, vanilla and chocolate. We blended it back with fresh brewed Poor Soldier Porter, conditioned it further on fresh split/scraped Madagascar vanilla beans and bottled it.

Allowed to bottle condition for 6 weeks, this big flavored porter has a wonderful soft carbonation. When poured into a glass subtle aromas of vanilla and chocolate are up front, with support of rum and coffee from the barrel and malt, respectively. The flavor is rich like a rummy chocolate milkshake.

($13.00 + tax 500ml Bottle) $70.20 per ½ case (6 bottles) (10% discount)

The nose is complex with big notes of chocolate and vanilla getting support from more subtle hints of rum, oak and coffee.

The porter pours a rich dark brown, almost black. With moderate carbonation and a large amounts of malt the head is tight and firm, medium brown and leaves a heavy lacing.

An otherwise fuller mouthfeel is lightened up by the oak, which acts to dry out the finish a bit. The aging on vanilla beans paired with the moderate carbonation helps to smooth out the dry oak.

The nose gives way to a rich and complex flavor beginning with notes of chocolate, vanilla and oak from the barrel. The rum comes through in the end with further malt support of coffee.


O.G. 1.076 (18.5 P)

A.E. 1.013 (3.3 P)

ABV 8.2

CALORIES 190 (per 250ml serving)

BU 31

SRM 36

MALT: Pale, Munich, Chocolate, Crystal, Smoked

HOPS: Cascade, East Kent Goldings

YEAST WLP001 (American Ale Yeast)

Storage: This beer should be stored upright in a cool, dark place, such as a cellar or cool closet. With proper care this beer should age well.

*BOTTLES – Triple Barrel English Strong Ale

Brewed way back in December of 2013, we filled up fresh emptied rum, rye and bourbon barrels (all from Albany Distilling Co) in January of 2014, allowed the beer to age for 10 months and then blended all the barrels back together and bottled it in November of 2014. We’ve been sitting on this beer to allow the flavors to mellow and the alcohol heat to back off a bit. 10.2%

With only 800 hand numbered bottles available be sure to get some while it’s still available.

($18.00 + tax 750ml Bottle) $97.20 per ½ case (6 bottles) (10% discount)

The nose is heavy with sweet molasses, a bit of alcohol (rum/whiskey) heat and subtle notes of oak and vanilla.

With a relatively lively carbonation this beer pours with a thick fluffy head and a beautiful rust-amber color. Slightly hazy from the yeast and all the protein from the malt gives this beer a soft appearance.

With a surprisingly light body for how big a beer this is there’s a bright lively mouthfeel and relatively clean finish.

The nose of booze and malt upfront gives way to a predictable, yet none-the less wonderful flavor. Notes of rum, rye and bourbon are ever present with a bit of raisiny-malty sweetness and subtle support of dry oak and vanilla. The finish lingers slightly sweet but with the heavy carbonation relatively clean.


O.G. 1.080 (20.1 P)

A.E. 1.009 (2.5 P)

ABV 10.2

CALORIES 270 (per 375ml glass)

BU 49

SRM 18

MALT Pale, Pilsner, Munich, Crystal

HOPS Crystal, East Kent Goldings

YEAST WLP001 (American Ale Yeast)

Bavarian Style Hefeweizen

Our Bavarian-Style Hefeweizen is brewed with a substantial amount of pale German malted wheat and a select German Hefeweizen yeast strain. The combination of the wheat malt and a low mashing temperature when fermented by our specialty yeast produces a beer with a big banana aroma with a hint of clove. These are the esters (fruit) and phenols (spice) produced by the yeast during fermentation. The slightly milky appearance is due to the yeast staying in suspension as well as the high protein content of the wheat malt 5.7 ABV


The nose is dominated by banana with a hint of clove, not overly sweet

The beer pours a milky golden color due to the yeast and wheat proteins that add to the beer hazing. There is a tight white head on top that leaves a nice lacing down through the glass.

The body is light and smooth, with a nice effervescence. A light almost watery mouth feel combined with the banana flavor results in a very “refreshing” beer.

The flavor is reminiscent of bananas with a hint of clove, though not overwhelming in either regard and with only a hint of sweetness. The flavors are light and bright on the tongue and the beer finishes clean.


O.G. 1.056 (14.0 P)

A.E. 1.012 (2.9 P)

ABV 5.4

CALORIES 247 (per pint)

BU 12

SRM 3.7

MALT Wheat, Pale, Munich

HOPS Cascade

YEAST WLP351 (Bavarian Hefeweizen Yeast)

Belgian Strong Ale

Our Belgian Strong Ale, aka Tripel, is brewed with a substantial amount of European pilsner malt and just a touch of wheat to add to the mouthfeel. A heavy dose of raw sugar late in the boil ups the alcohol and lightens the body, while our house Belgian yeast ferments with a ton of fruity esters and a touch of spicy phenol on the finish. 9.0 ABV


The nose is full of sweet, tropical fruit aroma. Hidden behind the fruit nose is just a hint of alcohol and a subtle pepper/spice note.

This beer is quite lively and pours a slightly hazy golden straw with a thick, fluffy, white head of foam. Leaves a heavy “Belgian lacing” down the glass.

Brewed with a light-medium body and smooth mouthfeel this beer feels ‘full’ due to the balance of body, mouthfeel and flavor.

The big fruity nose is followed by rich fruit flavors. The fruit flavor is followed by a subtle malt sweetness and alcohol warmth and finish with a touch of pepper and subtle hop bitterness.


O.G. 1.080 (20.0 P)

A.E. 1.011 (2.8 P)

ABV 9.0

CALORIES 262 (per 12 oz tulip)

IBU 30


MALT (Fermentables) Belgian Pilsner, Pilsner, Munich, Wheat, Cane Sugar

HOPS Cascade, Wakatu

YEAST WLP550 (Belgian Ale Yeast)

Capitol Light

Our American-Style Pilsner is head and shoulders above all other American Pils. Brewed with Pilsner malt and a touch of corn, decently hopped with German Select and Czech-Saaz hops this beer brings together the best of both American and Czech-style Pilsner. This very light colored beer still has some good, hoppy pilsner flavor. 3.9 ABV


The nose is a bit spicy and grassy from the late additions of Saaz hops with a slight grainy aroma from the use of Pilsner malt.

The beer pours a very light golden-yellow color with a white head that dissipates quickly. This lager appears lively and leaves a slight lacing down the glass.

Light in body and bright in mouthfeel this is a true craft light lager. Finishes clean with a subtle aftertaste of fresh hay.

Light in flavor this beer at first tastes slightly grainy. The Continental hops provide a good bitter balance to the minimal malt presence with a big of grassy/floral nose on the front end and a light clean finish.


O.G. 1.044 (10.0 P)

A.E. 1.008 (1.9 P)

ABV 3.9

CALORIES 193 (per pint)

BU 24


MALT Bohemian Pilsner, Munich, Corn

HOPS Cascade, Saaz, German Select

YEAST W34-70 (German Lager Yeast)

Cask Ale

Cask Conditioning is the traditional method for serving ales. Our casks are 40 liter stainless steel firkins. Each cask is hand filled with fully fermented beer and a small amount of fresh, fermenting beer and sealed with a bung and keystone. The fermenting beer is added to the cask to naturally carbonate or ‘condition’ the beer. Once conditioned we tap our casks and serve them through our traditional English Beer Engine. An ever changing variety of Cask Conditioned beer will be tapped on Thursdays and served throughout each weekend.




Dawns Dry Stout

A CH Evans Brewing take on a classic Irish ale style. Name for our lovely bar manager Dawn, this beer is packed with malt character due to the heavy use of chocolate and roasted malts along with the subtle additions of caramel malts. While slightly sweeter than a typical Irish Dry Stout this brew drinks easy with a slight roasted malt bitterness in the finish. Poured on nitrogen. 4.2 ABV

Big malt aromas on the nose heavily dominated by dark chocolate and coffee notes which give way to a slight caramel sweetness.

Pouring a very dark brown, almost black this brew has a luxurious light brown head which floats almost like a cloud upon the dark beer. Should leave a heavy lacing down the glass.

The mouthfeel is deceptively smooth for such a malty brew, due in part to the low residual sugar and nitrogen. Relatively light in body but with a wonderfully soft feeling

The deep and rich color is indicative of the big malt flavor this beer offers. With dark chocolate and coffee in the front giving way to a subtle caramel sweetness and a light roasted malt finish.


O.G. 1.046 (11.5 P)

A.E. 1.010 (2.5 P)

ABV 4.2

CALORIES 213 (per 16oz pint)

IBU 16

SRM 55

MALT Pale, Munich, Dark Munich, Caramel, Chocolate, Roasted, Oats

HOPS Cascade

YEAST WLP001 (American Ale Yeast)

Handsome GuyPA

This handsomely unique East Coast IPA is nothing like you’ve tried before. Tropical fruit and hints of pine will dominate this beer with very minimal bitterness. Brewed with Amarillo for light bitterness and dry hopped with more Amarillo. Wholly conceived, brewed and tapped by Handsome Guy himself. 7.3%


The aroma is dominated by with grapefruit zest and a touch of pine.

This beer pours a beautiful light hazy straw with a luscious white head which leaves a fantastic lacing down the glass.

This is a light-bodied brew that’s exceptionally ‘refreshing.’ The light body, minimal bitterness and crisp finish result in a brew that’s decidedly easy to drink.

The big hop aroma persists throughout the beer with up front notes of fruit, notably grapefruit, a somewhat resinous, bright hoppy flavor. Minimal bitterness and malt sweetness result in a big hop showcase.


O.G. 1.069 (17.2 P)

A.E. 1.012 (2.9 P)

ABV 7.3

CALORIES 299 (per pint)

BU 27


MALT Pilsner, Pale, Munich

HOPS Amarillo

YEAST WLP001 (American Ale Yeast)

Kick-Ass Brown

Our award winning American Style Brown Ale is the gold standard for American Brown Ales. This ale is packed with full malt flavor and substantial American and European hop character. It pours a rich reddish brown with a frothy tan head and drinks super smooth 5.6 ABV


The nose is malt forward with a subtle roastiness and a bit of piney hoppiness from the late additions of Northwest hops.

Pouring a deep reddish brown with a tight light tan head. The head dissipates and leaves a light lacing down the glass as you drink it to the bottom.

This full-bodied ale has a rich and smooth mouthfeel. The full mouthfeel finishes smooth with a clean, almost sharp hop finish

This brew starts off with a full malt flavor from the use of Munich and Caramel malts giving way to a bit of hop bitterness and rounding out at the end. A slight maltiness lingers after the last remaining sips of your beer are gone.


O.G. 1.056 (14.0 P)

A.E. 1.014 (3.4 P)

ABV 5.6

CALORIES 248 (per pint)

BU 30

SRM 24

MALT Pale, Munich, Carmel, Brown, Chocolate

HOPS Cascade, CTZ, Crystal

YEAST WLP001 (American Ale Yeast)

Knickerbocker Lager

This unique and flavorful German-style lager is our beer to welcome spring. Our Kellerbier-style lager has been fermented cold, dry-hopped and aged long. It is unfiltered and pours a beautiful orange color with a slight yeast haze. Pilsner, Munich and caramel malts are the base of this flavorful lager while the exclusive use of N.Z. hops yields a citrusy aroma with a perfect balance of body and bitterness. 5.2 ABV


The nose has is decidedly hop forward with a sweet orange marmalade aroma with a very slight touch of grass. This lager is super fresh and bright.

This beer pours a nice light orange color with a yeast haze. A lingering white head maintains throughout the glass leaving a nice amount of lacing.

The mouthfeel is light and very smooth. The smooth mouthfeel finishes quite crisp and dry due to the assertive amount of hops.

The intense hop aromas give way to a super smooth malt flavor with a firm hop bitterness. There is a hint of caramel sweetness which is cleaned up at the finish with the citrus and bitterness of the hops.


O.G. 1.052 (13.0 P)

A.E. 1.012 (2.7 P)

ABV 5.2

CALORIES 229 (per pint)

BU 32

SRM 7.3

MALT Pilsner, Bohemian Pilsner, Munich, Caramel

HOPS Cascade, Pacifica, Wakatu

YEAST W34-70 (German Lager Yeast)

Pump Station Pale

The Pump Station Pale Ale is our American style pale ale. Brewed to be light in body and color but full in flavor. The heavy additions of pungent American hops give this beer its signature aromas and flavors without being overly bitter while the use of pale malts provide just enough balance to this hoppy American Pale Ale. 5.0 ABV


The nose is heavy with American hops that smell like citrus and pine trees. The late additions of Amarillo add heavy grapefruit notes on the nose while the use of Crystal hops add bit of pineyness and earthiness.

Pouring a rich gold with a tight white head the Pale Ale leaves a slight lacing down the side of the glass.

Our light-bodied pale ale has a bright mouthfeel and is light on the palate in spite of the full hop flavors.

This pale ale is bursting with hop flavor with a subtle malt balance. The hoppiness is decidedly less bitter than many other pale ales with much of the hop flavor coming through as a slight pineyness or resin.


O.G. 1.050 (12.5 P)

A.E. 1.011 (2.7 P)

ABV 5.0

CALORIES 220 (per pint)

BU 38


MALT Pale, Munich, Carafoam

HOPS Cascade, Horizon, CTZ, Amarillo

YEAST WLP001 (American Ale Yeast)

Quackenbush Blonde

Our German style ale is brewed substantially similar to the Kölsch ale still produced by brewers in the German city of Cologne (Köln). Made with select German malt and a touch of wheat this beer is light in body and color with a smooth mouthfeel. The use of traditional German hops provides just the right amount of balance and floral aromas to the finished brew 4.9 ABV


The nose is subtly sweet from the malt and a bit floral from the late additions of German Select hops. Very subtle aromas.

Pouring a light golden yellow with a frothy white head. The beer leaves a beautiful lacing down the glass as it’s consumed with a minimal amount of head lingering on the beer.

A light bodied brew this beer has a smooth mouthfeel from the addition of wheat and finishes very clean due to the good balance of early hop additions.

The flavors of this beer are very subdued with a slight malty sweetness and a good floral hop balance. The light-flavor of this ale make it particularly well suited as a session brew.


O.G. 1.046 (11.5 P)

A.E. 1.009 (2.4 P)

ABV 4.9

CALORIES 219 (per pint)

BU 20


MALT Pilsner, Pale, Munich, Wheat

HOPS Cascade, Tettnang, German Select

YEAST WLP001 (American Ale Yeast)

Short, Tart & Handsome

Our dry-hopped American Style Sour ale is a wonderful addition to the taps. Conceived as a “5’6” collaboration beer” between the brewer at Crossroads (Adam) and our very own Handsome Guy. This is a kettle-soured ale that was then fermented with our house ale yeast. We heavily dry-hopped this beer with super fruity and pungent American hops resulting in a bright, aromatic and super crushable tart ale. 5.6%


The nose is dominated by citrus and tropical fruits with a hint of lemon and grass.

The beer pours a hazy, golden straw, with a tight, thin white head that dissipates quickly.

The body is very light with a bright, almost thin, bubbly mouthfeel. With very little residual sugar this is a

The flavor is lemons and orange. The lactic fermentation gives the beer it’s bright, tart qualities, while the heavy additions of hops result in a mélange de fruit aroma which plays well with the lemon tart and light body.


O.G. 1.050 (12.7 P)

A.E. 1.008 (2.0 P)

ABV 5.6

CALORIES 239 (per pint)

BU 24

SRM 2.5

MALT Pilsner, Pale, Wheat

HOPS El Dorado, Bravo

YEAST WLP001 (American Ale Yeast), Lactobacillus

Union Station Quad

“Best Beer in NY” TAP-NY Governor’s Cup Winner 2016

The third installment of the Belgian Quads for 2015 we changed up our fruit again and added heaps of red currant after our primary fermentation. The result is a rich, fruity and very complex Belgian. All sorts of flavor components from the Belgian yeast, to the red current to the alcohol produce a big beer with deep flavor. 12.2%


The nose is big with a mix of raisins, currant and note of passion fruit from the yeast.

This beer pours a beautiful deep red, almost purple with a thin, tight, white head. Very hazy from all the fruit pectin and protein from the grain, but not quite opaque.

Our quad is a bigger-bodied beer due to the copious amounts of grain and fruit we used in addition to all the residual sugar. Fruity notes and lingering sweetness make this brew feel quite large.

The flavor is crazy big. It’s packed with rich fruit flavors. From the residual sweet/tart currant, to the stone-fruit flavors from the amount of malt, to the subtle tropical fruit and spice notes from the yeast this beer has got flavor abound!


O.G. 1.103 (25.6 P)

A.E. 1.019 (4.1 P)

ABV 12.2

CALORIES 357 (per 12 oz)

BU 32

SRM 22

MALT Pilsner, CaraMunich, Crystal, Roasted

HOPS Cascade

YEAST WLP550 (Belgian Ale Yeast)