We offer many opportunities to contact us.  We humbly suggest that the best way to contact the Pump Station is by visiting.  What inquiry or transaction can’t be made better with a pint of freshly crafted ale?

We can be found here:

Call the Pump Station at:  (518) 447-9000

If you prefer the old-fashioned, you could send us a letter at:

19 Quackenbush Square
Albany, NY 12207

Please note that requests for coasters must be made by post and accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope. We don’t sell kegs to the public – contact your state legislators and get the ridiculous keg registration law repealed!

Email us!
Proprietor: Neil Evans
Bar Manager: Dawn Halley
Executive Chef: Todd Cutler
Brewing Operations Manager: Ryan Demler
General Manager: Jessica Domenech
Marketing Manager: Adam Sopris
Events Manager: Tim Matias  or please call Tim at 518-447-9000