We offer many opportunities to contact us.  We humbly suggest that the best way to contact the Pump Station is by visiting us in person to enjoy our great environment.

We can be found here:

Call the Pump Station at:  (518) 447-9000

If you prefer the old-fashioned, you could send us a letter at:

19 Quackenbush Square
Albany, NY 12207

Please note that requests for coasters must be made by post and accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope. We don’t sell kegs to the public – contact your state legislators and get the ridiculous keg registration law repealed!

Email us!
Proprietor: Neil Evans
Bar Manager: Dawn Halley
Executive Chef: Todd Cutler
Brewing Operations Manager: Ryan Demler
General Manager: Jessica Domenech
Marketing Manager: Adam Sopris
Events Manager: Tim Matias  or please call Tim at 518-447-9000