The Banquet Menu

The Albany Pump Station can arrange for private parties on our spacious mezzanine.  We can accommodate cocktail parties of up to 200 people, and buffets and full-service meals of up to 64.  We are also pleased to offer guided beer tastings with our Brewmaster for an extra charge.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, let us know.  We will do our best to accommodate you.

Beverage Options
Full Open Bar Beer, house wine and house liquor, $9.00 per person for the first hour, $7.00 per hour for each subsequent hour
Partial Open Bar Beer and house wine, $7.00 per person for the first hour, $5.00 per person for each subsequent hour
Bar Tab All drinks are placed on a tab and added to the final bill
Cash Bar Guests are charged for their own drinks

Guided Beer Tastings

Our award-winning Brewmaster is available to lead your group through a beer tasting for a separate fee. Beers are not limited to Albany Pump Station offerings. Popular options include:

Beers of the World An introduction to some of the world’s more renowned beer styles.
Beers of Belgium A sampling of beers from one of the planet’s most interesting brewing cultures.
Beers of America Experience the beers of our Craft Beer Revolution.
Style-specific Tasting An in-depth exploration of your favorite type of beer.
The number of beers sampled varies, but will not exceed 32 ounces per person. We want to be able to remember what we’ve learned! Parties of up to 20 people cost $200 for about an hour and a half of beery entertainment, cost of beer not included.

Albany Pump Station Banquet Policies
The Albany Pump Station will not reserve a date for a function until the non-refundable deposit has been received. A final count for the number of guests expected to attend a function must be received at least 72 hours prior to the function. After this point, cancellation will result in the host being charged the full price for the function.

The Albany Pump Station does not provide refunds if the number of guests in attendance falls
below the number of guest contracted for. If the number of guests in attendance exceeds the number contracted for, the host will be charged for each extra guest at the cost charged per person for the function. Payment of any outstanding balance is due at the end of the function.
8% sales tax, 20% gratuity, and room fees are added to all special functions.